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RP journal for Artemis Fowl II of the Artemis Fowl novels. Want to plot something out? Have suggestions or comments for my playing? List any and all concerns here! Messages can also be sent by PM on this journal or my personal journal. Permissions are generally open; ask for details.

Artemis Fowl is Ireland's youngest and most dangerous criminal mastermind with a love for gold. In a matter of years, he's kidnapped a fairy police officer, battled goblins in the most bitter parts of the Arctic, and nearly caused the discovery of mythical creatures who have been trying to hide from dangerous humans like him.

After a few too many misadventures, he swears he's going straight and cleaning up the family business to protect the few friends he's managed to make. But guilt has already begun to poison his super-intelligent mind...
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✔ penetration | giving, receiving
✔ oral | giving, receiving
✔ orgasm delay and denial
✔ bottoming from the top
✔ size difference
✔ aphro | drinks, potions
✔ sensory play
✔ spas, showers, libraries

✘ torture play
✘ choking
✘ bodily fluids
✘ noncon
✘ illness
✘ bestiality